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Weev Completely Isolated

Weev sent a letter to his friend Shane, which Shane then posted to (pastebin). From the letter, we know that weev’s access to his commissary fund may have been cut off. If that is the case, weev may be unable to respond to the letters we send him because the only way he can purchase stamps is using commissary. Hopefully he does not waste what stamps he had already purchased before his commisary got cut off.

Previously, weev’s access to, the prison’s email system, was cut off. Then his access to phone was cut off. Now his ability to send physical mail may be cut off because of his commissary account being frozen. Additionally, weev is in “Administrative Segregation”, which is basically solitary confinement, and his lawyers have not been able to visit him.

It is extremely important that we send weev letters and books, even if he cannot respond to thank us for them. These small gestures are the only contact with the outside world that he has at this point.